Jet Cut Abandonments Ltd. was incorporated in November 2015, to service the ever changing requirements of the oil and gas industry.

Our staff brings many years of experience abandoning wells in Alberta and Saskatchewan. We are knowledgeable about the current Alberta Energy Resources (AER) and Saskatchewan Energy Resources (SER) regulations and requirements.

Using our alternative method of cutting and capping wells, offers increased level of safety for workers and minimizes the environmental impact.

Jet Cut Abandonments, cut and cap technology is mobile and leaves a very small footprint. Shallow gas abandonments in Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan are often on sensitive prairie grassland. The impact on re-vegetation, created by digging a bell hole with a backhoe, can last for years. With our technology and minimum disturbance you have a small hole similar to a “badger hole” to re-vegetate.

“The grass will fill in, in no time”