Pipeline Risers

Our customers may wish to cut and plug their pipeline risers. This can be done as part of the same operation.

Jet Cut Abandonments can place an internal plug in the bottom of the riser, then lower our cutting head in and cut just above the plug. This prevents any dirt from entering the line and keeps any fluid inside. Jet Cut Abandonments can supply pipeline tags engraved with the required information to meet regulatory and company requirements. Tags are attached to plugs prior to install. AER in Alberta and SER in Saskatchewan have approved this method. Then simply remove the cut off and backfill a small hole.

Jet Cut Abandonments cutting head can cut pipeline risers as small as 50.8 mm up to 203.2 mm.

Jet Cut Abandonments can cut well and riser, in less than an hour under normal conditions. This means a significant savings to the customer.