Jet Cut Abandonments, is committed to operating with a very high standard of safety. Industry today requires all employers and workers to demonstrate a high level of support for safety. Jet Cut Abandonments has developed a complete safety program that is available for review upon request.

We have developed an occupational health and safety program and met the standard for partnerships through an evaluation of our health and safety program. Jet Cut Abandonments has a current SECOR.


We are proud to be members in good standing of  

Saftey Training

Our employees are trained in the following:  


Jet Cut Abandonments diesel engines have the Shocker Positive Air Shut Off, capable of automatically sensing high-revving “run away” situations, and will automatically shut the valve, closing the air supply to the engine to protect the engine itself, as well as property and personal in the area.

WCB letter of clearance is available online or on request.

“Safety is a way of life”